The Apprenticeship Levy: Your Checklist

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The Apprenticeship Levy: Your Checklist

Is your organisation now paying the Apprenticeship Levy? Follow our seven steps to help your organisation make the most of your Apprenticeship Levy payments and implement a successful Apprenticeship programme.

1. Your spend

Now you know how much your levy payments are, it’s time to understand how you can spend your Levy funds and the training that you can buy.

2. Business needs

Identify which areas of your organisation could benefit from a skills boost. This could be developing existing employees or taking on new apprentices to train up.

3. Partner with a quality training provider

There are lots of providers out there offering a range different subjects and qualifications, from smaller niche providers, to larger providers with a more diverse range of subject areas. Your choice will depend on your specific business needs and it’s important to work with a provider that understands them.

4. Pilot a scheme or review an existing programme

If you don’t already have Apprenticeship delivery, now is the time to start a pilot. If you have an existing programme, now is the time to review and look at potential new areas to maximise the return on your Levy spend.

5. Assess impact

Spending time to assess the impact that Apprenticeships have on your organisation will identify which departments and qualifications have delivered the greatest benefits.

6. Expansion

Having identified which departments and qualifications work best, you should be in the perfect position to recruit more apprentices or place more existing staff on programme, enabling you to maximise your return on the Levy.

7. Design and Develop

Your expanded Apprenticeship programme is up and running and working well, it’s time to ask – what next? Now you can begin looking at developing your own qualifications and explore progression options into Higher Level Apprenticeships.

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