"Smart Training is brilliant at being flexible and understanding with our very varied groups of learners."

Assistant Head Teacher

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“I love Smart Training. They’re the only training provider who will work flexibly with me and I’ve found that everyone from the office staff to the tutors are fantastic.”

So says Nicola Bailey, Assistant Head Teacher and Extended School Manager at the Archbishop Lanfranc School in Croydon. And after six years of working with Smart Training on a whole host of courses in childcare, management and support teaching and successfully seeing more than 100 learners qualified, Nicola should know!

“We have a great partnership,” she said. “Smart Training is brilliant at being flexible and understanding with the very varied groups of learners we have in our community education programme.

“We strive to provide our parents with a whole set of knowledge and understanding of child development and they in turn want to feel like we are supporting them. That’s why I work so well with Smart Training because they want to help me to help them – not just tick boxes like colleges and other training providers seem to do.”

Nicola is also delighted with the parents’ success as many of them have gone on to further their studies at Level 3 and others have found permanent work.

“It’s amazing that more than half our learners have been offered a job at their placements,” she added. “It is more than I or they could have ever hoped for and so many of them have told me that achieving the qualification has changed their lives for the better.”