"My tutor was lovely, easy to talk to and whenever I had a problem or needed help he would be there to help me at all times."


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Teenager Lauren Baker literally turned her life around with a Smart Training Traineeship.

In less than six months she went from being unemployed to having a job she loves and studying for a nationally recognised qualification.

After school Lauren wanted to work but with no experience and poor GCSE grades all her attempts to find a job were unsuccessful.

Months of unemployment ended when Lauren, who was 16 at the time, heard about Smart Training and got a place on the Traineeship programme.

“I really enjoyed the training sessions and got more work done there than in school,” she said. “I could work at my own pace. The tutors were very supportive and would always give me a push when I needed one.”

After three months Lauren was taken on as an Apprentice, first trying Business Admin and then moving to sales and a Level 3 Diploma in Sales & Telesales.

“When I started the Traineeship, I didn’t believe it was going to be an opportunity to make something of my future,” she said. “It was distressing me that I was unsure of what I wanted as a career but with the support of everyone at Smart Training I am now really enjoying my new role.

“I think one of the key things about the Traineeship is being able to do voluntary work to gain experience in a workplace and also to have the chance to find out what job is best for me.”